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A fun new activity based on the old paper mache art but using up to date more sophisticated products to produce high quality finishes on many different bases.

Using a specially produced coated Decopatch paper you can cover anything including wood, plastic, ceramics, metal & glass. We will happily give you a demonstration to show how easy it is to obtain a perfect shiny finish in your chosen design.

You can 'decopatch' in the MasterPiece Studio using our glue and brushes or you can choose decopatch blanks and papers from a great range in the studio, and decopatch at home.

Decopatch birthday parties have become very popular in the studio for groups all ages.

A suitable art for everyone, children and adults Decoptach is fun, creative, relaxing and you'll definately be back for more.



Masterpiece offers both the traditional mosaics and also our new mdf cut shapes combining a painted background with mosaic tiling on top to produce a fun mosaic masterpiece.

Traditional mosaics use various sizes of ceramic tiles or photo frames and 10mm coloured square glass mosaic tiles.

Have fun designing the layout onto a template, then using pva glue, transfer the tiles to form a colourful mosaic piece.

We have a great range of mosaic tiles including bright primary colours and mini mirror tiles.

Prices start from £7.50 for a 4" ceramic tile base and glass mosaic tiles.



We now have a great range of mdf shapes in varying sizes suitable for painting and mosaic-ing. These have become a very popular party choice and can be taken home on the day they are made.

The range of mdf pieces is on display in the studio and includes words and letters, also very popular for decoatching.

Pre packed mosaic kits are also available to complete in the studio or to take home, the kits are approximately 30cm in size and make great gifts - the take out price is just £15. The popular panda is pictured here.



Also a popular party choice we offer a range of brightly coloured bears and other animals.

Priced at £20.00 to make in the studio you will receive the bear skin, stuffing, a t.shirt and fabric pens to design and decorate the shirt, a birth certificate and a carry bag.

We also sell a take out kit containing the above at £19.50, various teddy outfits and accessories, and recordable sound boxes.

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