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  • Do I have to book?
    To be sure we have a table reserved for you - yes please! We do take painters who arrive without a booking where we can but it's always best to book.
  • I can't book online, what should I do?
    Please call the studio on 01825 872225 and we will be happy to help. Alternatively send a message via facebook or email although emails may not be monitored immediately.
  • How much is it?
    We have so much bisque on our shelves, with new shapes arriving all the time, so we don't have a 'price list'. We always stock the basics - plates. mugs and bowls and our ranges of these are around £16 - £22. We don't charge a studio fee so prices displayed on the pottery include paint, glaze and firing.
  • How long does it take?
    Each booking is for a two hour session. On quieter days we can extend the time allocated.
  • What if I don't finish the piece on the day
    Painters have up to six weeks to return to finish a piece on a pre-booked visit. The first return visit does not incur a studio fee, however subsequent visits are charged a £5 returning studio fee.
  • Can I book an after school painting session if you close at 5pm?
    We take bookings by phone for after school painting, as the studio closes at 5pm time allocated will be less than two hours. During November and December after longer after school painting sessions are advertised.
  • How long after I paint my pottery will it be ready to collect?
    Our usual 'collection from' date is ten days after the pottery is painted. Earlier collection is possible and can be agreed at the time of painting.
  • Is my pottery dishwasher safe?
    Your artwork will be fine and technically the pieces are dishwasher and microwave safe but we do not recommend either. The microwave will leave the pottery extremely hot to handle, the dishwasher may cause crazing after continued washes due to moisture in the clay body. The pottery is earthenware and not suitable for use in a conventional oven.
  • Is The Masterpiece Studio wheelchair friendly?
    The studio is accessed by double doors. There are Disabled Parking Spaces and a drop off point a few yards from our door. We have a disabled access cloakroom. Please ask if you have any access or seating requirements and we will always be happy to help.
  • Is there parking on site?
    Yes. There is plenty of unlimited free parking on The Holmes Hill Estate.
  • Are dogs allowed in the studio?
    We cannot accommodate dogs in the studio, except by appointment for Pet Paw Prints.
  • Can I bring a pushchair into the studio?
    We ask you not to bring pushchairs or prams into the studio for safety reasons as alleys and exits have to be clear for all studio users. However you are welcome to bring younger babies in a car seat and we have highchairs for older babies and toddlers.
  • I bring my own food and drink in to the studio and garden?
    We serve a range of hot and cold drinks, wrapped cakes, chocolate and crisps, we ask that you do not bring your own refreshments into the studio unless it is a prearranged group or party. Happy Days Cafe is next door to us for hot food meals.
  • I haven't collected my pottery, how long do you keep it?
    Just in case you forget to pick up your masterpieces, uncollected pottery will be kept for six months. We will call you around this time and ask you to collect within two weeks of our call.
  • How many Non Painters can I book?
    We have a maximum of two non painters per booking / table during normal opening hours.
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